Swingin’ Goat Farms is a three-farm cooperative. One farm, Sugar Creek, is in rural Swan and is a ten-acre homestead. The other two farms are in urban areas: Boulevard Farm is in the heart of Des Moines, and TheĀ Grub House, located in Altoona.

Abby and Sarah had had visions of working together dancing around for years. While we are still working to make things just the way we want them to be, Swingin’ Goat Farms is growing nicely, with a focus on fiber products (wool, mohair, pygora, and angora yarns, roving and hand crafted items), meats (lamb, mutton, rabbit, poultry), eggs, candies, and produce (via an orchard in process and excess from our personal gardens).

Recently, we were joined by our friend, Heather, who adds angora rabbit fiber and meat, more eggs, herbal body products like soaps and shampoo bars, and soon honey and beeswax! All farms also make handcrafted items when they have the chance, like natural living products and hand knit goods.

We have great plans to expand our farms to reach out and build community and awareness of a natural, local lifestyle. So many things are in the works, with only our time and family situations dictating how soon they happen. Right now we all are busy with small families, but hope as they grow to initiate new projects like locavore lunches and other events at the farm. We also plan to start hosting classes on home arts like sewing, knitting, crocheting, and home-cooking and preservation. We currently teach some classes at other local businesses but dreams of a classroom at one of the farms is in the works.

Take a look around the website-we have our favorite recipes using our farm products, the blog with product and farm updates, animal profiles, and more. Visit often and let us know what you think!


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