New Listing: Alana 100% Mohair Art Yarn from Sugar Creek


This pretty yarn is hand spun on my Ashford Traditional. I hate to waste, so at the end of a dye session, I throw in this and that to make art yarns. That is where Alana came from-a couple handfuls of mohair from our sweet Angora goat, Valentino. These were not as “locked” as some of his other locks, so I picked and fluffed to make more of a fluffy yarn than a lock spun yarn. It is thick and thin, but averages to worsted. Has the sheen of mohair and is very soft. Some VM, as my animals are given free reign on our acreage, which means mischief and getting into tight spaces in the timbered areas. I clean and pick as best I can, but am not perfect. This is a one of a kind skein, but there is enough here for something fun and fast and the colors alone make it worth the buy!

To buy this skein, head to its Etsy listing.

56 yards
1.55 ounces
Hand Spun, Acid Dyes
Worsted Weight average, thick and thin
100% Mohair
Single Ply


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