At one point Sugar Creek and Boulevard were looking at dairy goats. We purchased a few and had a go of it, but the time involved and our already hectic schedules made milking difficult. How could we have Swingin’ Goat Farms without goats, though???

Along came Val. Valentino, our much beloved angora goat was our first fiber goat. He was so full of personality and is the face of Swingin’ Goat Farms. Unfortunately, this past winter he passed away. Iowa suffered one of the coldest, harshest winters on record, and he just started heading downhill. He already had digestive issues we were nursing along, but coupling those with the extreme and unceasing cold, and it was too much. We hand fed and watered him and cuddled him in blankets at the end. He remains our favorite, though.

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Val isn’t our only fiber goat, though. He had buddies, who now comprise Horton and the Whos-our small flock of Pygora fiber goats that includes his girl friends, Lark and Misty. Their fiber is super fine and super soft Cashmere grade mohair, a luxury fiber.

055 (2)



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