Boulevard Farm

Boulevard Farm is one of our urban farms. Or maybe “farms” is more accurate. Boulevard Farm is located on a shady Boulevard in Des Moines. In our backyard, we have chickens for eggs and meat, rabbits for meat and fur, walnuts, herbs, and greens. We are considering how we could add another species of bird, as well.

Unfortunately, because our backyard is densely shaded, we do not have the opportunity to grow many plants here! We instead grow our plants out at Sugar Creek.

Boulevard Farm got started out of our desire to become a little more self-sufficient when it came to food. We began with three chickens for eggs, which soon expanded to six. Then we added birds for meat, which we raise all spring and summer and harvest each fall.


In Spring 2011, we added rabbits for meat and fur. Due to some upheaval in our personal lives, expansion plans are on hold, but once things settle down again, we will raise another crop of Cornish Game Hen, consider the addition of Angora rabbits for wool, and figure out if we can add another species of bird.

Boulevard Farm is run by Randy and Sarah, with the help of their kids Wally, Genna, and Teddy (currently 9, 5, and 2). We are a homeschooling family, and consider ourselves to be Crunchy Conservatives. We are also fairly conservative Christians.

Randy works during the day as a commercial insurance agent. Sarah spends her days running the homestead, homeschooling, and running her several small businesses – Wallypop and Boulevard Designs – in addition to taking care of the farm chores that aren’t completed by Wally. We are in the process of looking for just the right piece of rural property to come available, but in the meantime, we’re staying here on our Urban Farm.

This is our meat bird pen

This is the moveable house for the hens.

The rabbit shed.


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