Sugar Creek Family Farm

Sugar Creek Farm is run by the Glann Family. It has taken some trial and error to decide what farming path to take, from a CSA, which just wasn’t manageable with our family needs, to goat dairy, and just not knowing what to pursue. Eventually, we were able to find our niche after I (Abby) decided that she enjoyed sheep.

After some research and searching I came upon a sweet, short breed, Border Cheviots. Being the kind of person I am, I was also intrigued by the fact that this certain variety, an almost miniature breed, is not very common in the States, and is in fact originally from Scotland, a country that plays prominently in my family’s heritage.  I later stumbled upon an operation breeding them with Babydoll Southdowns, another short, hardy Scottish breed. I tracked down a trio of half siblings, and the fiber part of the farm came into being.

From there Abby’s love of fiber was born, and we shifted gears into what seems to be our permanent pursuit. We currently keep a flock of Cheviot Dolls and Icelandic sheep, and have added Pygora goats. Our main focus, though, is and will be fiber production and art.

With all the animals we have, we continue to better the way we raise them and breed them ourselves so we can perpetuate our plans by our own means.

Lose track of all of that? Even I do sometimes! We are currently a family of five, myself, my husband Andrew and our three children. We homeschool, I run the farm full-time, work as a genealogist, and Andrew works in town. Unfortunately, farm life is neither glamorous nor a wealthy prospect, but very fulfilling. The animal make-up of the farm now includes three goats, nine sheep, a dozen and a half chickens and a few goldfish.



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