Our Philosophy

Why we do what we do

We at Swingin’ Goat Farms have built our dream on our ideals – clean, healthy, nourishing, local living. We wanted healthy food, free of additives and chemicals of all sorts to raise our families on, and that led to getting out of town (well, for some of us – getting out of town eventually!) and back to the land that makes the Midwest great.

Our farms do not use chemicals of any sort. We focus on creating an ideal growing environment for everything we grow – plants, animals, or ourselves – which makes many of the chemical practices common in everyday farming unnecessary. We fortify the soil with bedding from the animals. We feed the animals leftovers from the garden. We mulch with leftover paper feed bags and chemical free grass clippings from our yards and neighbor’s.

We also use shredded paper from a local school for special needs children for bedding. This is not only recycling paper, but it gives the children a job they enjoy for their skill set. (They love to pick which animals receive which bags of paper – we send in pictures so they know who gets the benefit of their hard work.)

We believe in simple, hard working values that have taken a back seat in society today, and want to raise our families to appreciate that same sentiment. We get excited thinking about offering other families – who probably aren’t able to drop everything and herd sheep – the opportunity to buy great, local, chemical free, family friendly products.

apple blossom bordered dandelion bordered 2 apple bordered


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