Other Local Farms and Businesses


Ebersole Cattle Company

Crooked Gap Farm

Blue Gate Farm

Little Red Hen CSA

Foxhollow Farm

Reichert’s Dairy Aire

Prairieland Herbs

Picket Fence Creamery

McMurray Hatchery

Sand Hill Preservation, where we purchase planting stock and poultry

Butcher Crick Farm

Nubian Bubbies

Seed Saver’s Exchange

Boulevard Designs


Not Local But Still Awesome

Trees of Antiquity

Fias Co Farm, where we glean cheesemaking knowledge as well as general animal care and purchase supplements for the animals

Five Springs Farm

Heirloom Acres, one of three places we purchase planting stock

Stark Brother’s Nursery

Miller Nursery


Educational and Inspirational

The Beginning Farmer, blog by Ethan Book of Crooked Gap Farm

Ricki Carroll, the self-appointed Cheese Queen

Pomona Pectin is great for making preserves with low sugar or alternative sweeteners, like honey

The Dirt on the Farm, Iowa farm blog

Plains Folks, historic recipes with foraged ingredients

The Coop, online place for all info poultry

Iowa Women in Agriculture

National Council on Home Food Preservation

The Radish Magazine, an Iowa local food mag

Sustainable Table

Snakes are an important part of any eco-system. We use this website to help identify what snakes we find and thus keep things rolling smoothly on the farm.

Edible Iowa Rive Valley, food mag

Backyard Chickens


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