Amyrlin Thick and Thin Art Yarn

Another yarn made from bits and pieces of everything in the scraps basket-I really like this one. There is more mohair in it that others that I have spun recently-that is the sky blue and coral that is heavy throughout. This is definitely a thick and thin yarn, with some areas as thin as fingering weight and others super bulky. It averages to a bulky, and would be awesome as a scarf or thin cowl.

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Hand Spun on Ashford Traditional
Multi colored
2.75 ounces
contains mohair, wool, angora, alpaca, cotton, and acrylic fibers
82 yards
Thick and Thin art yarn ranging from fingering weight to super bulky


Noranti Hand Spun Yarn

“Noranti” –of Farscape
*41 yards
*worsted weight
*100% Lincoln wool
*2 ply
*2.75 ounces
*hand spun on Ashford Traditional
*undyed natural gray shades, lovely drape

This yarn is spun from roving sourced locally here in central Iowa. Lincoln is fantastic to spin with and this yarn was fun. I may doll it up with some dye if it sits for awhile, but I love the natural gray just as it is, too.

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Crazy ‘Bout A Mercury Blank Photo Card from Sugar Creek

Card printed from one of my photos at one of the many car shows we attend. This particular car was a beautiful Mercury that I was at for 20 minutes clicking here and there. These cards are professionally printed on heavy card stock, with a glossy front and blank matte interior. The back simply has “Crazy ‘Bout a Mercury” and our website link printed on it in light gray. Comes with an envelope.

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Amyrlin Hand Spun Art Yarn from Sugar Creek

I cannot not use every last bit of fleece and yarn I have in my studio, so these super fun art yarns are born. This one is bulky, thick and thin, with bits of wool, mohair, suri alpaca, cotton, and angora in it. I love it. Single skein, one of a kind, perfect for the eclectic in your life!

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2.4 ounces
48 yards
Wool, angora, mohair, cotton, Suri alpaca
Bulky-super bulky, thick and thin
Hand Spun on Ashford Traditional
Acid dyes

New Listing: Alana 100% Mohair Art Yarn from Sugar Creek


This pretty yarn is hand spun on my Ashford Traditional. I hate to waste, so at the end of a dye session, I throw in this and that to make art yarns. That is where Alana came from-a couple handfuls of mohair from our sweet Angora goat, Valentino. These were not as “locked” as some of his other locks, so I picked and fluffed to make more of a fluffy yarn than a lock spun yarn. It is thick and thin, but averages to worsted. Has the sheen of mohair and is very soft. Some VM, as my animals are given free reign on our acreage, which means mischief and getting into tight spaces in the timbered areas. I clean and pick as best I can, but am not perfect. This is a one of a kind skein, but there is enough here for something fun and fast and the colors alone make it worth the buy!

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56 yards
1.55 ounces
Hand Spun, Acid Dyes
Worsted Weight average, thick and thin
100% Mohair
Single Ply